Prayer Hall at Drepung Gomang monastery, India

2000+ Monks

​​Drepung Gomang Buddhist Center is an official arm of the Drepung Gomang monastery, located in Southern India.  With the passing of our Teacher, Geshe Kesang Menlom, we have paused operating as a center until we're able to bring a qualifed Teacher from the monastery in India.  Until such time as a new Teacher arrives, we'll continue to operate in a fund raising capacity for Drepung Gomang monastery in addition to hosting the touring monks who visit our area each year. 

Drepung Gomang is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery established in the Gelug tradtion, founded by Je Tsong Khapa (1357-1419). The Gelug tradition lays special emphasis ethics, as expressed through monastic discipline, as the ideal basis for religious education and practice. Drepung Gomang is renowned among all the Gelug Monasteries for its emphasis on and expertise in the field of  logic and debate.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

North East Philadelphia Airport, July 2008

​​Drepung Gomang Buddhist Center